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Our Focus

We’re a specialized recruitment agency, focused solely on finding high-performing marketing and communications professionals. The reason we focus here is simple: our recruitment team has deep roots within their respective specializations. We’re focused, experienced, and been-there-done-that. We understand your world because we’ve walked a mile (or two) in your shoes.

Our Network

When you get us, you get our network. Because of our collective experience within our specializations, we know our way around a crowd. Between our networks from previous careers, meeting candidates on the regular for coffee, and keeping close relationships with clients, we’re some of the most highly connected people you’ll ever meet. And it’s not that we know everyone, but we know the best of the best. We’re high-touch, high-calibre, and widely resourced.

Our Guarantee

We’ve all been there. Looks great from the front, but the 3-way mirror tells a completely different story. We stand behind our work. So much so, we guarantee our placements and will provide a full credit for the cost of their replacement should things not work out. Our agreement provides more details about this guarantee.

Roles We Place

Permanent Recruitment

Marketing and communications leaders are in demand and good ones, in short supply.

We believe that first-round interviews should present choices, not dead-ends. Our associates efficiently produce qualified and pre-screened candidates selected to specifically complement your team. Given our focus in marketing and communications we understand the challenges you face and we know where to find the leaders you want.

By taking the time to understand what you’re looking for, we waste no time in delivering WHO you need.

Temporary Recruitment

Did you win the big pitch and realize you don’t have creative talent to execute the award-winning campaign? Or did your boss just sign off on a company re-brand and now you have to update every piece of marketing material by the end of the quarter?

Don’t lose sleep, call us.

We can connect you with a range of creative and project management professionals for full-time and contract work. Our pricing is straightforward, flexible and reasonable (transparent too!). We will work with your payroll team to find the fastest and easiest solution to bringing a contractor on board. Your payroll, our payroll – you choose. We will also make it easy (affordable) to bring your beloved creative team member on board permanently.

Our Search Process

Our Commitment


Clearly understand your needs

We will take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements and present only the most suitable candidates for your role.


Communicate frequently and openly

Communicate frequently and openly.
We will follow up at agreed-upon intervals and provide prompt, accurate feedback following all candidate interviews.


Maintain the highest standards in professional ethics

We will be consistently honest and fair in compliance with Employment Equity Legislation. In addition, we do not proactively recruit from active clients.


Conduct a thorough search

We will employ the best strategies to secure the best candidates including research, referral networking, online sourcing and strategic advertising as required.


Put you first

We will operate with your best interests in mind, treating you with respect and giving straightforward input and feedback.


Maintain confidentiality

We will hold all of your information in the strictest confidence.

Our Team

Partner | Recruitment Director

Jaylene Crick

Jaylene is our lead recruitment consultant. She forged her experience with 15 years in tech marketing before making the transition to marketing recruitment. With Jaylene comes her energetic dedication, unstoppable work ethic, and her ability to consistently give 110%, proven by her hundreds of placements and innumerable close relationships with both candidates and clients.

StrengthsFinder:Harmony, Belief, Achiever, Responsibility, Discipline

Partner | Recruitment Director

James Bustard

James is a senior recruitment leader who supports brands across tech, retail, education, professional services, consumer packaged goods, etc., in their search for top-performing marketing talent. With his educational background in psychology, he is passionate about the intersection of people and business.

Recruitment Consultant

Steph O’Reilly

Stephanie is passionate about connecting people with right fit companies and loves collaborating and working to create efficient systems in the workplace. Her background in marketing and administration fuel her varied work with Smart Savvy’s business development, marketing, and recruitment teams.

:Discipline, Maximizer, Communication, Harmony, Focus

Recruitment Consultant

Sarah Farrell

Sarah believes in the power of strong and connected teams, and is a pro at uncovering individual’s strengths and plugging them into teams that ignite for amazing results. Her background in marketing and high-performance sports give her a competitive edge in understanding how to put the right skill mix into play to reach—and exceed—business goals.

Recruitment Consultant

Marina Guy

Talent Specialist

Caitlin Lavallee

**Caitlin is currently on maternity leave.


Caitlin is a relationship builder in all aspects of her life, and is known for giving it 100% every time, with a smile on her face. She uses her customer service skills and fondness for attention to detail to find great candidates for our clients’ marketing, communications and sales roles.

StrengthsFinder:Developer, Belief, Responsibility, Restorative, Adaptability


Rebecca Van Noort

Rebecca has an eye for details, specifically in getting deep into data to find exactly what she’s looking for. Passionate about using technology to streamline processes, she is happiest when she can use her skills to serve others, and takes immeasurable joy in helping businesses grow through great new hires.

Founder and Advisor

Peter Reek

Leader, entrepreneur and boots-on-the-ground optimist, Peter founded Smart Savvy 10 years ago as a response to a gap in the recruitment industry. Wanting to change the game and create a specialized solution for marketing, communications + sales recruitment, Peter brings an experienced, people-first perspective to an industry in need of it. Peter knows people and he knows how high=performing ones can help businesses reach (and exceed).

StrengthsFinder:Futuristic, Ideation, Achiever, Relator, Individualization


Get a call back from
a role-specific recruiter
or contact us at:

Get a call back from
a role-specific recruiter.

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