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We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit in both our professional and personal lives. Click into our blog, and discover smart (and savvy) advice, tips and experiences from our recruitment team, related to our favourite topics of Hiring, Leadership, Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement, and Career. We also share highlights and speaker profiles from our monthly #LeaderLounge events, such as this post with Eric Hopkins. Check out part three of our "Difficult Conversations" posts - learn how to start the conversation and make it a good one!. (Missed part one or two? Read them here: Do you want to know what you don't know? and Have the Conversation.).

Our mantra is simple: People are the plan.™

We’re specialists. We make it our business to uncover the best of the best through our focused marketing, communications, and sales recruiting. We know this space well because we’re insiders. That’s right. We’re former marketing, communications and sales professionals—we know the positions you’re looking to fill because we’ve worked in them. The best plans become worthless without the right people to get the job done. We exist to help build great teams of great people, who transform workplaces and create higher functioning and greater yielding companies. We will help you create a growth-oriented culture and achieve your business objectives. We’re also about more than hitting targets: we bring fun, transparency, and passion to the table. We work throughout the Pacific Northwest – in and around Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton – and Toronto.