Hiring Isn’t Always Easy

As a Vancouver, B.C.-based recruitment agency specializing in creative roles, we help clients build their teams with skilled professionals at all levels of experience.  

From graphic designers and copywriters to UX designers and art directors, you deserve to find the right person with the necessary skills who will fit in your workplace well.

Let Us Handle The Details

As your partner in creative recruitment, we will…


Provide high-quality thoroughly screened candidates to consider, ones who are a skills fit for the role and a culture fit for your company.


Support you as much (or as little) as you’d like during each stage of the hiring process.


Continue to cheer you on as your new hire settles in, checking in on how everything is going during your first year together.

“Smart, Savvy + Associates’ willingness to learn what our organization was truly looking for, over and above what you would expect, earned my trust in their abilities, quickly.”

Here’s How We Can Help

Our recruitment agency has helped companies find top-notch creative professionals with the following areas of expertise.

Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Project Management



Account Management

UX Design

UI Design

Digital Design