We’ll Find Your Best Fit

Marketing and communications professionals are in demand and good ones, in short supply. 

With 15 years of targeted experience and a deep interest in understanding our clients’ needs, we approach each search from a personalized, analytical perspective.

We vet best-in-class candidates to make sure they are a skills fit for the role and a culture fit for the company.

The result? A perfect synergy between teams and talent that makes for lasting, meaningful employment. 

Why Choose Us?

We Get It Done

Finding the right person for a role can be intimidating.

With hundreds of successfully placed candidates, we know how to simplify this process so you can stay focused on doing your best work.

We Know the Right People

Our 15-year tenure in recruitment means we have a robust, ever-growing network of marketing, communications and creative talent. We know the people you want to know.

We’re Quality Over Quantity

Our commitment is so much more than filling a quota. We’ll only represent high-quality candidates who have the necessary skills and fit with your company’s culture.

We Go Deep

Our in-depth intake process gives us an opportunity to hone in on who you really want and how to get you the best fit possible.

Tell us your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your next hire – and we’ll get to work.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Say hello to your new confidants—our recruiters. With backgrounds in marketing, communications and creative, our team is uniquely qualified to help you search for talent.

Jaylene Crick

Partner + Recruitment Director

James Bustard

Partner + Recruitment Director

Sarah Farrell

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Marina Guy

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Cindy Pearson

Recruitment Consultant

Ali Williams

Recruitment Consultant

Caitlin Lavallee

Talent Specialist

Lindsay Hawkes


Rebecca Van Noort


Rebecca has an eye for details, specifically in getting deep into data to find exactly what she’s looking for. Passionate about using technology to streamline processes, she is happiest when she can use her skills to serve others, and takes immeasurable joy in helping businesses grow through great new hires. 

Peter Reek

Strategic Advisor + Founder