Find The Right Fit For Your Team

Marketing and communications professionals are in demand. And the good ones? In short supply. 

Finding the right person for your team can be complicated. And time-consuming. 

Smart, Savvy + Associates simplifies the marketing recruitment process so you can stay focused on doing your best work. Committed to so much more than filling a quota, you’ll only receive best-in-class candidates to consider – ones who have the necessary skills for the role and fit with your company’s culture. 

Tell us your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your next hire – and we’ll get to work! 

“During our search, our recruiter took time to go beyond the job description, learning about the organization’s needs and my needs as the hiring manager. All the candidates presented were an excellent fit for the role and we found our new team member much sooner than if we had managed the recruitment process ourselves!”

“Smart Savvy has a deep, robust network of industry connections. Thanks to their recruitment efforts, we’ve been fortunate to find high-quality, long-term employees who were the right fit for our needs.”

“Smart Savvy has their ear to the market. They truly take time to listen to their clients. They’re a true partner in what they do and they instill a lot of trust.”

Meet Our Team

Let’s Get Acquainted

Say hello to our Vancouver recruiters! With backgrounds in marketing, communications and creative roles, our team is uniquely qualified to help you search for your next team member.

Jaylene Crick

Jaylene Crick

Partner + Recruitment Director

During her 15 years in the tech industry, Jaylene worked with some of the world’s top marketing and communications professionals. As a result, her insider knowledge and hands-on experience gave her a keen ability to cut through the noise and pinpoint talent for tough-to-fill positions. 

Jaylene is well known for her in-depth knowledge of specialized marketing roles, unstoppable work ethic and unwavering commitment to help you find true-fit talent.

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James Bustard

Partner + Recruitment Director

As an experienced recruiter, James has supported teams across a wide range of industries including software and tech, agencies, professional services, retail, government, education, and more. He excels in the intersection between driving results and adding value to relationships. 

When you work with James, you’ll have a partner who’s genuinely excited to help you achieve your hiring goals. Known for his strong work ethic and commitment to never quit, you’ll be impressed by his recruitment results. 

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Sarah Farrell

Senior Recruitment Consultant

As a skilled marketer in the CPG space, Sarah deeply understands the dynamics of marketing teams and the challenges that can exist when bridging gaps between business goals and creative vision.  

Sarah’s experience building performance-based teams prepared her for the role she plays in uncovering people’s strengths and plugging them into teams that ignite amazing results.

Jaylene Crick

Marina Gardiner

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Before joining Smart, Savvy + Associates, Marina spent seven years in communications and public relations roles with technology and consumer brands including Absolute Software, Rogers Communications, HP, LG and Disney.  

Marina draws on her communications experience and extensive network to find talent for hard-to-fill communications and creative roles. Marina understands that finding the right candidate for a role isn’t about checking all the boxes on a ‘skills and requirements’ list. She listens to her clients, learns the unique qualifications and expertise needed for each role and leaves no stone unturned to find the perfect candidate. Marina is a natural connector and has an innate ability to zero in on the right candidates for her clients. 

Cindy Pearson

Cindy Pearson

Recruitment Consultant

Cindy is a career connector, builder, leader, and mentor who loves a challenge and knows how to get things done. She has 30+ years of experience in a variety of industries and roles, some of which include Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff, Diversity + Inclusion Consultant, Entrepreneur and Fundraiser. 
Cindy’s experience building successful organizations and developing performance-based teams has proven invaluable as a Recruitment Consultant with Smart, Savvy + Associates. She is passionate about discovering highly capable people and plugging them into great companies and teams that deliver incredible results together. 

Cindy Pearson

Ali Williams

Recruitment Consultant

As a senior marketer, Ali has led brand management, product marketing, campaign strategy, advertising, and promotions for small, medium and large global businesses.  

Ali’s extensive marketing experience has set her up for the role she plays today in uncovering people’s strengths and helping place them in positions that enable them to grow their careers and produce outstanding results for the organizations they serve. 

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Lindsay Hawkes


Before joining the Smart Savvy team, Lindsay worked in various marketing and communications roles within the not-for-profit, education and influencer industries. From copywriting to content strategy, social media to website management, Lindsay enjoys creating and carrying out all kinds of ideas to elevate the brands she supports. 

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Rebecca Van Noort


Rebecca has an eye for details, specifically in getting deep into data to find exactly what she’s looking for. Passionate about using technology to streamline processes, she is happiest when she can use her skills to serve others and takes immeasurable joy in helping businesses grow through great new hires.  

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Peter Reek

Strategic Advisor + Founder

Peter has been helping individuals and companies make smart decisions and build for success for more than 25 years. Seasoned in leadership, coaching, marketing, research, team building and recruitment, he4 has served clients in a wide variety of B2B and B2C industries, led sizable teams, and launched divisions in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.