We Have the Expertise You Need

At Smart, Savvy + Associates, we’re here to help you fill marketing, communications and creative roles.

Our recruitment team has deep roots within their respective specializations. We’re focused, passionate and been-there-done-that.



From digital marketers to brand managers, we know who you need to build a top-performing marketing team.  


A strong team can make all the difference. From public relations to internal communications, we’ll help you find the best of the best.  


Whether you need a graphic designer or an art director to bring your strategies to lifewe’ll help you grow your creative team.

Need Help Hiring?

Our job is about more than just a placement or transaction – it’s about people.

We take time to understand your expectations, pain points and goals. At the end of the day, our focus has and will always be about cultivating the right connection.

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Industries Served

We can find the marketing, communications or creative talent you need in any industry.

Agencies + Professional Services

Consumer Goods + Services

Financial Services + Insurance

Food + Beverage

Government + Crown Corporations

Higher Education 

Hospitality + Entertainment


Member-Driven Organizations


Real Estate + Construction


Software + Technology


“Smart Savvy works tirelessly to find exactly who we want. From skillset to culture fit, they deeply understood our needs, thoroughly searched for the right people – and found them!”

So, Why Us?

We Get It Done

Finding the right person for a role can be intimidating. With hundreds of successfully placed candidates, we know how to simplify this process so you can stay focused on doing your best work.  

We Know the Right People

Our 15-year tenure in recruitment means we have a robust, ever-growing network of marketing, communications and creative talent. We know the people you want to know.  

We’re Quality Over Quantity

Our commitment is so much more than filling a quota. We’ll only represent high-quality candidates who have the necessary skills and fit with your company’s culture. 

We Go Deep

Our in-depth intake process gives us an opportunity to hone in on who you really want and how to get you the best fit possible.  Tell us your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your next hire – and we’ll get to work. 

Our Recruitment Process

A quick overview of what to expect when you work with us:


Get Acquainted

We’ll arrange a meeting to learn more about your company, culture and hiring process. Paint us a picture of your ideal candidate: hard skills, soft skills, non-negotiables and more, and we’ll help hone in on the best profile for your job opening.  


Start Searching

And now’s the time where we dive deep into our networks, hunt through our extensive database, and promote the role to our social followers. We exhaust each and every avenue to find quality, right-fit people for your consideration.  


Screen + Represent

Interested candidates are thoroughly screened to draw out their unique skills and accomplishments as well as their working style/personality. And, of course, to ensure they meet your needs and expectations.   

Rest assured, when you hear about a potential match, we’ll also share our findings and reasons why this individual may be well suited for the position and your organization.  


Interview + Offer

We’re here to help facilitate interview scheduling and debriefing, reference checks, and to support you in the sometimes-emotional-often-complex offer stage. Along the way, you can trust that we’ll be honest, open and solutions-focused. 


Check In

Our relationship doesn’t end as soon as your offer is accepted. We check in a few times during the new hire’s first year to make sure it continues to be a great match.