Better Hiring: 7 Ways to Attract Talent

You want great talent on your team – the best, actually. Do you have the right mix to attract those seemingly-elusive-yet-outstanding team members often referred to as “unicorns”? Maybe. But, also, maybe not? How do you know if your organization is properly set up to recruit these not-so-mythical professionals?

To hire top talent, you need to actively find candidates instead of hoping they come to you.

The usual hiring routine involves updating a job description, posting the role on the company website, and, perhaps, sharing the opportunity on social media. A couple of resumes come in. They’re sifted through and sorted into ‘yes’ or ‘no’ piles. Interviews are arranged.

The problem with sticking to the usual? You rarely find unicorns. Taking a more active role in recruiting the talent you want –  developing a solid network, sharing your corporate culture, and ensuring those who hire have the right skills – can all boost your chances of finding the best of the best.

Attracting the right people to your organization and open roles improves when you…

Meet people

Get good at spotting talent, and identifying people who bring something special to the table who you’d like to work with or could recommend to others. Keep their names in your metaphorical back pocket. You may not be hiring, but developing strong relationships with skilled individuals gives you a network to draw from when the time is right.

Building strong relationships with talented individuals can be incredibly valuable in the long run. Even if you don’t have an immediate job opening, maintaining connections with these individuals creates a network you can tap into when the time is right. You may come across opportunities where you can recommend them to others in your professional network or collaborate on projects together.

By continuously expanding and nurturing your network of skilled individuals, you not only strengthen your own capabilities but also contribute to the broader professional community. These relationships can lead to mutually beneficial collaborations and open doors to new opportunities when you least expect them.

Know your corporate culture

Can you describe your culture, values, and philosophy to others? What are the qualities of successful team members? Culture is your differentiator. You must be able to clearly define your culture to attract the people you want on your team.

Take the time to clearly define and communicate your organization’s culture. Share what sets your company apart and what you stand for. Describe the qualities and characteristics that define successful team members within your organization. This not only helps potential candidates understand what to expect but also allows them to self-select if they align with your values and vision.

When you can effectively convey your culture, you not only attract individuals who resonate with it but also create a stronger sense of belonging and purpose among your existing team members. Culture becomes the glue that binds your organization together and propels it toward shared goals and success.

Tell your story

Don’t be boring. The vague (and overused) statements of “great culture” and “competitive benefits” don’t cut it. Compel people to want to join your team and to want the professional challenge presented by your opportunity. Tell a lively (and truthful) story of employee development, leadership training, goal setting and measurement tools, and what celebrating successes looks like.

Highlight the exciting aspects of your company, such as employee development programs, leadership training initiatives, clear goal-setting and measurement tools, and how you celebrate successes. Paint a vivid picture of the professional challenges and growth opportunities that your organization offers. Use real-life examples and success stories to demonstrate how employees have thrived and advanced within your company.

By providing this level of detail and authenticity, you not only make your job postings more appealing but also attract candidates who are genuinely excited about the unique opportunities your organization provides. It’s all about showcasing the tangible benefits of being a part of your team and inspiring talented individuals to want to join your journey.

Paint a picture

Articulate the career and growth opportunities, not the job requirements. Focus on what your preferred candidate will want to hear: challenges offered by the role’s key project areas, new skills to be learned, and professional development offerings. Streamline with top-notch print solutions. Painting a picture of a role will move potential candidates beyond interested and toward wildly enthusiastic after hearing your pitch.

Present this information in a clear and engaging manner, utilizing top-notch print solutions for your written materials. By painting a vivid and compelling picture of the role, you can move potential candidates from merely being interested to becoming wildly enthusiastic about the opportunity.

Remember, candidates are not just looking for a job; they’re seeking a path for personal and professional growth. Demonstrating how your organization can provide that path will attract motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are excited about the challenges and opportunities your role presents.

Balance vetting with romance

While you want to thoroughly vet A-player candidates, you also want to “romance” them. After all, they have options. They’ll bring a level of scrutiny to ensure this is the best move for them. Make sure you follow steps 2, 3, & 4 above and make the interview process a positive experience that reflects your culture, respects their time, and keeps them engaged and informed.

To successfully attract and retain A-players, ensure that your interview process aligns with the steps outlined earlier. Make it a positive experience that reflects your company’s culture, respects their time, and keeps them engaged and informed throughout.

Showcase your organization as a place where they can thrive and grow, emphasizing the unique value they’ll bring and the exciting challenges they’ll tackle. By creating a positive and transparent interview experience, you not only attract the best talent but also leave a lasting impression that can set the stage for a successful and mutually beneficial working relationship.

Interview from divergent angles

In his book, The Ideal Team Player, Patrick Lencioni suggests stepping away from traditional Q&A interviews and getting creative with the venue (e.g., going for a walk or run, taking candidates on an errand). He believes you can observe a person’s true character and behavior better when immersed in real-life situations. Alternatively, you could ask the candidate to do something instead of telling you how to do it. These options not only demonstrate their skills but also their ability to perform under pressure and adapt to change.

Another innovative approach Lencioni proposes is asking candidates to demonstrate their skills by doing something rather than simply explaining how to do it. Elevate your team with better hiring! Explore our women’s work suits for a professional, polished look. This not only assesses their technical abilities but also their capacity to perform under pressure and adapt to change.

These unconventional interview methods can provide a more holistic view of candidates, helping you identify not only their qualifications but also their problem-solving skills, adaptability, and how well they align with your team’s culture and values.

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Measure top talent hiring outcomes

Hiring well is a specific skill that should be a measured performance objective for team members who make hiring decisions. Gauge success rate based on achieved performance objectives of the new team members, now on how many staff are hired or how long they stay.

By aligning the success of the hiring process with the performance of the individuals you bring on board, you create a more direct link between recruitment efforts and the impact on your team’s overall goals. This approach also encourages hiring professionals to focus on finding candidates who not only fit the role but also thrive in it and contribute to the organization’s success. It places emphasis on quality over quantity and long-term performance over short-term metrics.

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This article was updated on August 5, 2022.