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Cocktail Wars are ON!

Smart Savvy’s first-ever Cocktail Wars! An interactive workshop and team-centred cocktail making contest where teams compete in a series of challenges to create new cocktails to be critiqued by their peers (and maybe even a few experts).

Well shake it up baby now, twist and pour! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon baby now, gotta win this cocktail war…

Unlike the Beatles’ Fab Four, Smart Savvy’s Cocktail Wars brings a “Triple Punch”—Peter Reek explains the latest LeaderLounge™ event as an opportunity for bringing teams together to grow, bond and laugh (and maybe some twisting and shouting):

“Cocktail Wars packs a triple punch of (frenzied) fun, (expedited) learning and (healthy-ish) competition. In the spirit of our other LeaderLounge™ offerings, we believe leaders who laugh together build teams that tend to accomplish great things– and have fun doing so.”

On March 29th, six corporate teams will mix in some team-building at the Brandywine Bartending School, in Smart Savvy’s First Annual Cocktail Wars. The anticipated result will be some delicious (fingers crossed) fun, powered by teamwork, creativity and competition.

Mixing drinks = team development

“One of our values is ‘We take business seriously. Ourselves, not so much,’” says Rob Reardon of Coast Capital Savings. “This felt like a great opportunity to get out of the office with coworkers to have some fun, learn some new skills, and bond over a shared love of spirits.”

The Coast Capital Cocktail Shakers send out fair warning to their competition: “We like to have fun. But we like to win even more. The competition should be warned that we have a team of seasoned cocktail aficionados who are willing to pull out all the stops to make sure we come out on top.”

BCAA holds similar sentiment to the value of this evening out, says Karly Nygaard-Petersen: “It’s a great way to connect with some really amazing people at some amazing companies and have a great time! The event seems very fun, and we are a very fun group, so it’s a perfect fit.”

The BCAA Smarty Pints are not shaken by Coast Capital’s warning, and feels ready to start right “meow.” The Smarty Pints issue their own statement of fair competition:

Try some team-building fun of your own:

Talk of team-building exercises can cause eye rolls and “I might be sick tomorrow” throat clearing, if it’s done merely to check a box on someone’s to-do list. When used regularly and with genuine purpose, bringing team members together outside of the usual office environment can result in better trust, improved communication, and effective collaboration. These team traits indicate employees are engaged and ultimately affect the bottom line, believes the highly successful Brian Scudamore, founder and CEO of O2E Brands.

Interest piqued, but for a different experience? Get the conversation flowing with some craft beer tasting, with many great options throughout the Lower Mainland. Find a team favourite at Trading Post Brewery in Langley, or hop on some wheels for brewery tour by bike, in East Vancouver. Or have a good laugh with the help of Vancouver TheatreSports, who are making a mark with their Improv for Business Team Building sessions.

So…Cocktail Wars.

And there will be a trophy. Peter Reek and the Smart Savvy Scream’n Scorpions are already sketching out a trophy showcase design and having the last stinging word…

“Challenging us will be your last mistake.”

Up next week: Cocktail Wars’ competitors DDB Canada, HCMA and Saje Natural Wellness have opportunity to throw down their own challenge statement!

Sheryl Gray
March 17, 2017
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