How to Recruit When Your Company’s Reputation Isn’t… Great

Reputations matter. And poor ones can be hard to shake. 

Even when a company works hard to implement positive changes and move away from a notorious past, it takes time for a reputation to change. A less-than-ideal reputation can negatively affect their ability to hire talent and continue moving forward into a new era.  

As a hiring manager, it’s a tricky season to navigate. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

Find yourself grappling with past issues (and negative Glassdoor reviews) while striving to position your company as an employer of choice? Here are a few of our best suggestions for successfully navigating the hiring process and securing talent for your team when your company’s reputation isn’t… great.  

Address Their Concerns

Prospective hires form their opinions based on a company’s public image, online reviews and – especially in well-connected cities like Vancouver, – via word of mouth. Negative perceptions can deter top talent, shrinking the pool of potential hires and making it tough to fill those crucial roles. 

Facing up to these challenges is crucial for hiring managers in companies with shaky reputations. Recruiting when people have doubts about your company means tackling skepticism head-on and dealing with candidates’ concerns directly. Whether it’s setting the record straight or rebuilding trust from scratch, you need to walk a fine line to attract and keep the best talent, all while fostering a positive workplace that’s ripe for growth and success. 

Take Your Next Steps

Overcoming a less-than-ideal reputation to attract top talent requires strategic efforts and a dedication to positive change. Here’s a few suggestions for what to do next: 

  • + Showcase positive changes: Highlight improvements and initiatives addressing past issues, like leadership changes, revamped policies, and investments in employee well-being.  
  • + Emphasize transparency: Be proactive and open about past challenges and show genuine commitment to improvement. 
  • + Strengthen employer brand: Invest in building a strong employer brand that reflects company values and culture, leveraging social media and employee testimonials. 
  • + Use employee referrals: Encourage current employees to refer qualified candidates, showcasing positive experiences within the company. 
  • + Invest in training: Offer opportunities for training and development, attracting candidates seeking career advancement. 
  • + Seek feedback: Continuously evaluate and refine hiring processes based on candidate feedback.  
  • + Leverage a recruitment agency: Collaborate with agencies for access to diverse talent pools and expert guidance. 

By proactively addressing reputation issues and highlighting strengths, you can attract top talent and drive success despite a less-than-ideal corporate reputation. 

Here’s How Smart, Savvy + Associates Can Help

Recruitment agencies – like ours – offer numerous benefits to companies aiming to bolster their hiring efforts, despite a challenging reputation. Some of these benefits include: 

Providing access to diverse talent

Leveraging extensive networks, agencies tap into a wider pool of candidates, including those hesitant to apply directly due to the company’s reputation. 

Ensuring positive representation

Serving as impartial intermediaries, agencies present opportunities positively and proactively address misperceptions or concerns, while providing candidates with unbiased insights into the company’s culture. 

Offering employer branding expertise

Specializing in branding, recruitment agencies advise on positioning a company attractively, communicating strengths, and differentiating career opportunities from competitors. Their insights on the current market can help you create a positive experience and competitive compensation package to attract the talent you want. 

Supporting negotiations

Agencies facilitate negotiations, guiding both parties through salary discussions and addressing reputation concerns during this latter (often emotional) part of the process in a way that ensures satisfaction for both parties. 

Effectively managing hiring challenges amid an iffy reputation requires a blend of strategic thinking and a genuine commitment to improvement. By spotlighting positive changes, embracing transparency, and investing in employer branding, you can proactively reshape perceptions and entice exceptional candidates to join your ranks. 

Partnering with recruitment agencies – like Smart Savvy – can further support your efforts by tapping into expansive talent networks and offering expert guidance throughout the hiring process. With a proactive mindset and the right support in place, you can confidently navigate these challenges, paving a way for a future marked by growth and success for your thriving team.  

Ready to Hire? 

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