Using Psychometric Tests During the Hiring Process

How would you describe your hiring process? Intuitive? Personal? Subjective?

What about technical or scientific?

The next time you hire, you may want to consider getting to know your candidate from a new perspective by inviting them to take a personality or aptitude test. More and more, the recruitment industry and HR departments are looking to data to help legitimize the hiring process through talent measurement tools called ‘psychometrics.’

What kinds of tests are best?

Some of these tests have gained notoriety over the years, such as personality test Myers-Briggs which ranks individuals on four distinct areas (but is actually not recommended for hiring purposes). Others, such as the Birkman (a must-do for internal employees at Smart Savvy) assesses both personality and behaviour, and gives a comprehensive overview of how you work and where your career strengths are. There’s also the Kolbe, DISC, EQ-i, and StrengthsFinder.

When should you use them?

Hiring managers and recruitment firms use psychometric tests varyingly. You may encounter them:

  • > After an initial resume screening. (This method helps recruiters and HR managers weed through piles of resumes before moving forward to in-person interviews.)
  • > As part of the interview process. (It can be used in the decision-making process or used not for selection but rather simply to facilitate discussion.)
  • > In the final stages of candidate deliberation. (It may be helpful for assessing one candidate against another and seeking further evidence of personality traits or strengths that were not satisfied in conversation.)

Why use tests?

Some believe that psychometrics can be used to add to the candidate experience and ensure that how they’re treated during the hiring process is nothing but fair. Rather than making gut instinct decisions, decisions become founded on test results and concrete information afforded by the candidate themselves. These tests also save the job candidate time: If a test screens them out, chances are the job wasn’t for them to begin with.

As mentioned, we use the Birkman here at Smart Savvy during our interview process. We’re wondering, how do you use assessment tools and tests in your hiring or recruitment process? Which psychometric tests do you use and why?